Adolescent Counselling (Ages 13-21)

“Crying is how your heart speaks, when words can’t explain the pain.” – Unknown

Adolescent Counselling
Adolescence is a time of change and confusion. At a time when social development and independence is blooming, grief and loss can be a devastating blow. For many adolescents this will be the first time that they have experienced such an intensely emotional experience, which can leave them with many unanswered questions about what they are feeling. They often find their reactions confusing and overwhelming.

I understand the needs of adolescents and young adults. Having over twenty years of experience working with this specific age group, I am able to tailor grief and loss counselling to meet them where they are at, helping them through this challenging time, allowing them to better recognise the emotions that they are feeling. Grief and Loss can be experienced in many ways whether that is through the death of family and friends, divorce, terminal illness or through unwanted change. Often adolescents can feel silenced or powerless. I allow them a safe space to express their feelings and concerns, empowering them with an understanding of what is happening.

Individual Counselling:

I understand that adolescents have busy lives. With the demands of school, socialising, sport and part time jobs it is often difficult for teenagers to get to counselling sessions. I therefore offer counselling sessions face-to-face, but also online, so that they don’t have the compounded stress of trying to get to sessions.